Change Process

Creating Change in Your Life

At Vive Greenville, we believe that change is a three-step process involving Awareness, Action, and Accountability. It’s not a difficult process to understand, but for many people, it’s an incredibly difficult one to implement without help.


The first step to creating change is Awareness, or a true understanding of yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, value, beliefs, identity and current challenges. A key question you can ask yourself is, “Where is the disconnect between who I am and who I want to be?”


After we ask this key question, we begin to help you develop the second step, which is an Action plan. We strongly encourage you to take Action because once you have Awareness, if you do nothing to create Action, it will only deepen your anxiety, depression, frustration, discouragement and so on. Action is the courage to do something differently. Einstein once said, “The same kind of thinking that creates your problems cannot be the same kind of thinking that creates your solutions.” And we agree with him.

Once you begin the change process, we’ll help you identify thought patterns that are working for you and help you change the ones that aren’t. We teach you how to quiet your mind and your body, and how to stay focused on who you are and who you want to be as you deal with life’s challenges. Our treatments are tailored to your individual needs and no two treatments are alike. Our commitment to you is to help you take the action that makes a true difference so you can reach the goals you have for your life.  


Change does not last without the last step of our process, Accountability. We care about the people we treat and so we will hold you accountable, albeit in a supportive manner, to the vision we have developed together. By asking the tough questions, we seek to encourage you and support you, and help you remove the barriers to change. We want to help you be the best you that you can be. So by consistently concentrating on the factors that help you be your best, we can help you implement the change that you want and need.

Life in focus.


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