Pre-Surgical Assessment

Planning a surgery? We can help.

Undergoing major surgery can be a daunting prospect under any circumstances. But undergoing one that involves transplantation, bariatric procedures, or amputation will change your life forever. It will change it physically, financially, and psychologically. Insurance companies and surgical teams typically require that you undergo a psychological evaluation prior to undertaking these types of procedures.

Pre-surgical Evaluations

Our pre-surgical evaluations begin with talking. We want to know who you are, what’s your “Why” for having this type of surgery, and to collect information to help you be the best surgical candidate you can possibly be. Based on our evaluation, we will also make a plan for life post-surgery. Major surgery will change your life and we want you to be equipped to handle your recovery well and attain the lifestyle changes you desire.

Other Factors to Consider Before Surgery:

Mental Illness

If you have, or have had, any type of significant mood disorder prior to surgery, without treatment, you may not be a viable candidate. Surgery can sometimes trigger certain emotional distress that negatively impacts your recovery. Part of our Pre-Surgical evaluation is to educate you on what could happen and create an action plan.

Substance Abuse

If you have a history of substance abuse, it is important to consider this information in the process of surgery. In order to help you attain a positive surgery outcome, it is vital for us to be aware of your substance usage history. If you have a substance abuse problem in need of treatment, we can help you find a program prior to surgery. We will also work hand-in-hand with your caregivers to provide you with the support you need.

Stress Strategies

We all cope differently with stress. During our conversations, we will spend time examining how you deal with stress, both internally and externally. Knowing your stress tendencies will give us a good sense of how you will do post surgery, during arguably the most stressful time of this entire process. Candidates with poor coping skills or personality disorders might require a treatment program or may not be a good candidate for surgery. We will work with you to determine your coping mechanisms and how we can help ensure you have the ability to cope with life-changing situations.

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